Viewer of geographic information of the themes and sub-themes of work of the Amazonian countries, with navigation tools, consultation and composition of maps.



The Geovisor of the Amazon Regional Observatory provides its users with the necessary functionalities to navigate on the set of coverage available in the Spatial Database – Geodatabase – that supports it.

The coverage is presented grouped by topics of interest and can be explored using the different navigation functionalities that the Geovisor presents.

Among other options, use the geographic tool and consult the data attached to each coverage, interact between several coverages, add coverage from the map catalog, visually compare the information layers, filter based on a specific field or download the coverage if necessary. required.

Map Catalog

The geographic information resources available in the Portal of the Amazon Regional Observatory are presented and made available to the user through the Catalog of Maps of the ORA Portal.

The catalog is made up of geographic information generated from the studies and projects carried out by the Organization of the Amazon Cooperation Treaty ACTO as well as from the different institutions that generate information in each of the member countries of the organization.

The coverages are presented organized grouped in a set of layers related to the same subject or specific study. Likewise, the Map Catalog allows access to the Metadata of each of the available coverages.

To locate a coverage use the navigation menu or the search options using keywords or search criteria according to your need for information.