Annual Report Amazon Regional Observatory 2021

Aug 29, 2022 | ARO | ACTO | Bioamazon Project | Annual Report 2021

This annual report has been prepared with the support of the Regional Project for the Management, Monitoring and Control of Species of Wild Fauna and Flora Threatened by Trade (Bioamazon Project), a development project of ACTO, co-fianced by the Federal Republic of Germany through KfW.

The main roles and functions of the PS/ACTO are, among others, to facilitate the exchange, knowledge, cooperation and joint projection of the Member Countries (MC) in pursuance of the mandates of the ACT, seeking consensus for the conduction of activities, programs and projects involving national, regional and international stakeholders

A decision adopted during the XI Meeting of Ministers of Foreign Affairs in 2011, en-trusted ACTO to the task of developing and launching the Amazon Regional Observatory (ARO). Since then, working groups with representation from ACTO Member Countries have discussed the concept of the Observatory, its characteristics and format, as well as the management structure and mechanisms for the transfer of offcial information.

In 2019, ACTO made the decision to effectively implement the Observatory through the Permanent Secretariat, and for that purpose, an intense work began hiring the companies responsible for the technological development of the computer platform and physical facilities.

This Report presents all the activities developed around the implementation of the ARO during 2021 and foresees the challenges for 2022.