Delegation of ACTO in a mission trip to Peru


The ACTO delegation, composed of the general directorate and representatives of Project Bioamazon, paid an official visit to Peru, between July 17 and 23, to fulfil a work agenda meeting with government institutions that support and implement ACTO projects.

On July 18, the Secretary General, Alexandra Moreira, the Executive Director, Carlos Lazary, the Administrative Director, Carlos Salinas, and the coordinator of the Bioamazon Project, Mauro Ruffino, participated in the II Ordinary Session of the Permanent National Commission of Peru for the Amazon Cooperation Treaty Organization (CNPP/OTCA for its acronym in Spanish). The visits included the Amazon and National Surveillance Center (CEVAN), a unit of the Peruvian Air Force (Ministry of Defense), to learn about their work for the protection of the Peruvian Amazon with technology and software related to Geographic Information Systems (GIS).

II Ordinary Session of the Permanent National Commission of Peru for ACTO

In turn, the team of the Bioamazon Project held on Tuesday (19) workshops to appraise the implementation of the project and to present the Amazon Regional Observatory (ARO) in the National Forestry and Wildlife Service (SERFOR), Peru. Representatives from the Ministry of Environment (MINAM), Ministry of Production (PRODUCE) and SERFOR participated in the workshops, which are institutions that are implementing the Bioamazon Project.

Project and Amazon Regional Observatory workshop

The activities included the signing ceremony for the term of assignment of use of the equipment acquired by Bioamazon Project and donated to three Peruvian institutions – MINAM, PRODUCE and SERFOR. The equipment includes Global Positioning Systems (GPS), teleconferencing systems, drones, laptops, printers, desktop computers, servers, among others.

Ceremony of signing of the term of assignment of use of equipment acquired by the Bioamazon Project and donated to MINAM, PRODUCE and SERFOR

Field trip

The Bioamazon Project team traveled to the city of Iquitos, located in the Peruvian Amazon, to visit the company Raíces Verdes that has a rosewood processing plant (Aniba rosaeodora) for obtaining oil extract from the biomass (stem and/or leaves and/or branches).

They also visited the Research Institute of the Peruvian Amazon (IIAP for its acronym in Spanish), an institution that participates in the Amazon Regional Observatory, and the Amazon Rescue Center (CREA for its acronym in Spanish), which received resources in 2021 to expand the tanks for caring manatees rescued from illegal trafficking.

In the Iquitos region, they learned about the facilities and management techniques of the Reptilians Turtles & Tropical Fish EIRL Zoo and the Pacaya Samiria National Reserve.

Manatee recovery tanks at CREA built with support from the Bioamazon/ACTO Project.

Pacaya Samira National Reserve.

Source / Credits: OTCA News